I can now officially say that I am very tired of travelling between London and Lillehammer. Luckily for me, this is the last time I do it for almost four months.

I am now on the train, and I have about 50 minutes left before I am home. This has been a sad and stressful day, I wish traveling was more fun! It started out with saying goodbye to Stine and Kristina around 11am, which was sad. It feels so weird that I am not going to see them almost every day anymore…

I am quite certain that none of you are interested in hearing about my entire day of traveling, so I will spare you all. Let’s just say that my plane ended up taking off 50 minutes later than scheduled, and I had to run like crazy with a 14 kg bag on my back and a 22 kg heavy suitcase to try to get on my train. I made it, which meant that I did not have to wait at the airport for another hour. That made my day a 1000 times better 😀

This post is not completely pointless, I do have some pictures to show you! I had a seat by the window, and the view was quite good today.

Now that I have written this post it is only 20 minutes left before I arrive in Lillehammer, Finally!

– Sandra