My Christmas


I woke up early this Saturday morning, so I thought I could start my day with writing a post about my Christmas. I was home three and a half weeks, which I thought was going to give me plenty of time for working, spending time with my family and seeing my friends again. I do not know why, but every time I go home I am surprised about how fast the time goes by. It literally felt like I was home for a week, and I wish I had time to do a lot more than what I actually ended up doing. Nevertheless, it was good to be home and have a Christmas filled with snow and a cold winter! London can be cold in its own way (with the horribly cold wind) but nothing beets the good old minus 20 degrees and a meter with snow on the ground ❤

I do suck at taking pictures, I always seem to forget it unfortunately… But at least I have some!

(click on the pictures to see a bigger size of the images and the full caption)

I think I can learn one of two things from this:
1. I do not take pictures unless I am drinking or going out
2. I drink too much

I think we will leave it at that, and not conclude with anything. I do fear the answer would have been the latter…

Love, Sandra


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