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Recently I have felt a need to listen to old albums. Not that they are actually that old, but just albums I have not listened to for months or years. So…. if you are stuck in a music rut and need help to get out, I have a few music tips for you!

Maria Mena – Growing pains
I do not think I will ever get tired of this album. There is something about Maria Mena that makes me feel whatever she is feeling. During some songs she makes me feel heartbroken, without really being it. And there are so many of her songs that are just beautiful to listen to.


Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Well, this is quite the opposite of the previous album. But I do not really ever get tired of listening to it. This album makes me feel kind of bad ass sometimes, haha! I do not like all of the songs, but most of them are pretty good.


Bastille – All This Bad Blood
This is one album I will never, ever get sick of. Bastille is one of my favourite bands, ever. So I am a little bias here… BUT you should still give this album one and a half hours of your life. I promise you it is worth it!


Of Monsters And Men – My Head Is An Animal
I think they have an unique sound, and I really enjoy listening to something that is a bit different. I did see them live this fall, and the album does not justify them! If you ever get the chance; do go to one of their concerts!


Birdy – Birdy
Another one that is more on the quiet and calm side. Birdy is so talented, and I really enjoy listening to her calm and amazing voice. You should really give this album a listen!


Well, that turned out to be an odd mix. My music taste is a bit… undecided? I do not love or only listen to one category, I just listen to what fits my mood. So hope you enjoy at least some of the songs provided from these albums.

Love, Sandra


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