Throwback … Monday?


I have a little throwback for you guys this Monday. Unfortunately I cannot use the catchy phrases ‘Throwback Thursday’ or ‘Flashback Friday’. I do think it is a shame that Monday does not have its own catchy phrase… But enough about that!

I wanted to show you guys a nice trip I have walked a few times this fall. I actually used it to show a visitor I had some of the most famous sights in London. The thing about this little route is that you see many sights while not using a lot of time. The times I have walked this route I have used about one hour to one hour and a half.

Walk the one that takes 51 minutes to walk according to Google Maps, you will see the most (at least from my experience) if you walk that route. Another recommendation is to walk across the Millenium Footbridge, and cross the river again over the Waterloo Bridge. I, personally, think that this is the route where the views are the best. But do feel free to walk wherever you want, there are a lot of beautiful sights to see along the Thames river wherever you choose to walk.

We took the tube to London Bridge and walked to City Hall from there
The Shard from bellow
Tower Bridge from afar
Walking over the Millennium Footbridge
St. Paul’s Cathedral in sight
London Eye and Big Ben seen from Waterloo Bridge
Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster
Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster seen in the sunset
Another picture of both London Eye and Big Ben

Love, Sandra


Grayson Perry: Who Are You?


I have told myself since I moved here that I would go to different galleries and museums to look at art. So on Tuesday a friend of mine and I went to the National Portrait Gallery to see Grayson Perry’s Who Are You? display. The National Portrait Gallery is close to Leicester Square, so I think it is easiest to take the tube there and walk to the gallery:

You have to use this map to see all the pieces he has displayed.
You have to use this map to see all the pieces he has displayed.

The entry was free, and we spent around 20 minutes on walking through it I think. I found the entire display very interesting, and I did not think I would love it as much as I did. The thing I loved the most about the display has to be that he explained all the pieces, and that made it a lot easier to try to understand the different elements on the vases or on the woven pieces. I will show you a sneak peak here on the blog, but since I do not want to ruin it for you I have cropped almost all of the pictures I am going to show you.

If you have time to go to the National Portrait Gallery before Sunday I really recommend it! To read more about Who Are You? click here.

– Sandra

London and its Parks


I have probably said this before, but one ting I love about London is all the beautiful parks. It amazes me how so many parks can fit into London when there is so many people living here. One of my new discovered parks is Mill Hill Park. The other day Silje and I walked to Mill Hill Park from where we live, and the neighborhood around there is beautiful as well. If only I could afford to live in one of those houses…

This is what it looks like from above.

We walked to Arrandene Open Space before we walked to Mill Hill Park, and back home again. Here are some pictures from our walk:

On our way to Mill Hill Park
On our way to Mill Hill Park
Arrandene Open Space
Arrandene Open Space
The view from the top of the "hill". You can't see much here, but it was quite nice
The view from the top of the “hill”. You can not see much here, but it was quite nice
It felt a bit like home again when all we could see was trees
It felt a bit like home again when all we could see was trees

– Sandra

Britain’s Got Talent!


One experience in London I would recommend, which is free (!), is going to shows in London. My friend signs up to everything she sees (almost), and she has been to the X Factor Final, a recording of a television program, and we all went to Britain’s Got Talent yesterday. Unfortunately I could not join them to the X Factor final, but this time I had to make sure that I did not have other plans.

The stage
The stage

We were not allowed to take photos during the show (this applied for everyone in the audience). Since we sat in the second row, we had to make sure we were actually paying attention because the first five rows was very visible to the cameras (or something like that). BUT we were there to actually watch the show, so that was not a problem at all for us.

Me, Kristin and Chelsea while we were waiting for the show to start.
Me, Kristin and Chelsea while we were waiting for the show to start.
Look how close the judges were!
Look how close the judges were!

One thing I should warn you about though is that there is a lot of waiting. But once they start to film, there was a man who kept us entertained and did fun and crazy stuff in the breaks. Two people from the audience came up on stage and ended up re-acting the creation of the child she was pregnant with… That is just one of the many crazy things that happened during the breaks. Another thing worth keeping in mind is that you need to show up early the day of the show to actually get the tickets. You are free to go once you have picked up the tickets, and you can do other stuff until you need to meet to get into the theater/arena/wherever the show is.

I do not have the link to where you can sign up for these things, but if you search around on the Internet I am sure you will find links for the shows you are looking for.

– Sandra

Camden Lock Market


I do not know if Camden Lock Market fits under the category ‘typical touristy places’ – but if you go to the market at the right times (read: avoid weekends, the place WILL be crammed with people) I think we can agree that it does not fit under that category. With that being said; let me tell you why you NEED to visit this market at least one time in your life.

From inside the Stables Market

I have lived here for about a month now, and me and my friends have been to the Camden Lock Marked loads of times, even though I try to go places I have not been before because I want to explore this city. But there is just something about the atmosphere there; it is so London. Okay, that was a crappy description. But the reason why I think it feels ‘London’, is because I recognized the feeling from the first time I visited this city. I remember loving the architecture and the atmosphere – and this was when I was in areas like Oxford Street. You can imagine my disappointment when the only thing I feel when I go to Oxford Street now is frustration over how crowded it is and how you newer can get where you want to go quickly. Therefore, I felt an extreme joy over how I rediscovered that feeling walking around in Camden Market – even though it can be just as crammed with people at certain times. I feel like this picture (above) represents the atmosphere there, it at least reminds me about how I feel when I’m at the market. Anyway, moving on!

camden market
There is always quite a few people here as you can see

Firstly, how to get there: I think the easiest way to get to the market is via the underground. Take it to the ‘Camden Town’ stop (that is on the northern line). When you walk out of the underground station turn right and when you walk down the street you will see the different entrances on your left and right after walking for a minute or two. Secondly, you should make sure you have cash before you get to the market! Yes, there are cash withdraw-machines there, but the queue is often long so it is smart to do it before you walk into the market.

Camden market3
Our favourite place to eat

I do not really have any favourite stalls/shops to visit there. I prefer to walk around and just look at everything. BUT one thing you absolutely need to do is eat there! There is several ‘food halls’. I prefer the one you see in the picture above. I can not remember the name of the entrance because we usually just walk straight here when we want to buy food. But you will see this if you walk as I told you in the description because this is one of the entrances from the street (it is of course possible to enter from within the market as well). You should walk around and look at all the different food stalls before you decide what you want to eat though. I have often regretted my choice seconds later when I have seen a different food stall. And you should also look at the prices, there are for example several Chinese food stalls in the food market from the picture above, and they have completely different prices.

I really like the Stables Market, me and my friends have found so many stalls/shops there which now has become favourites of ours!
The entrance to the Stables Market from the street

I really like the Stables Market, me and my friends have found so many stalls/shops there which now has become favourites of ours!

camden market2
The market is filled with fun things like this piano

If you are not convinced yet, take a look at the site here.

– Sandra

Hyde Park


It did not take long before I broke my promise… I would definitely say that Hyde Park is one of those ‘touristy places’. BUT nonetheless it is worth the visit! The park is absolutely huge, and there are so many lovely things to see there.

There are several parks around the Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace area, so we decided to start our walk by the St. James Park before we walked to Green Park – where I could take a super touristy picture of Buckingham Palace.

I think someone actually lives in the house in the last picture, seeing as there were several signs around this house (and its fence) saying ‘private property’. Imagine living in Hyde Park! That sounds quite amazing.

I do not have more pictures unfortunately, because I did not know that I would be writing this blog when I visited the park. But you should definitely go there and see it yourselves! I have trees and woods all around me back home (even though I live in a city) so it was lovely to see some of that again. Me and my friend agreed that we have to bring our books down here in the spring so we can study in the sun with this beautiful nature around us.

Talk to you later guys!
– Sandra

Pictures taken by me.