Let’s have a laugh: YLVIS songs


I listen to music when I work at the library. I am one of those people who prefer the noise from music over the noise from people. And today I put on a new playlist (it’s called ‘Norsk pop’ on Spotify if you are interested). All of the sudden a song by YLVIS came on. I know I have posted about them before, but this time I want to share their music. You have probably heard about The Fox, but they have a whole bunch of songs I find very funny. Let’s have a look at them:

We have ‘Intolerant’. It is not as well known as a lot of their other songs, but I think this one is pretty funny. At least when it comes on randomly, and you think it is a normal song before you realize what you are listening to.

I can not write a post on their songs without mentioning this one. It currently has over 23 MILLION views!

This one is so stereotypical to Norwegian. Norwegians and their cabins…

This is a song about Jan Egeland:

I actually quite like this one:

I need to get back to my uni work now… The essay’s are unfortunately not going to write themselves. Hope you all have a great weekend!

– Sandra


Let’s Have a Laugh: Pictures


This lovely Friday I want to show you a collection of cute and funny pictures. Enjoy! (Some of these pictures are in Norwegian, so sorry about that)

I realize now that most of these pictures are not even that funny, but at least they are cute. And maybe I put a small smile on your face? Have a good weekend everyone! For me the Easter holidays start today, and I am going home tomorrow. So I will write to you again from Norway.

– Sandra

Let’s Have a Laugh: Parody’s


It is time to yet again try to find content online for your entertainment, it is Friday after all. This time I have decided to try to find funny parody’s. Let’s just get on with it!

First off, I need to share this Apple parody. I think it is an actual commercial, but I am not completely sure.

This one is a bit offensive, but it is also quite funny. Bart Baker must have done something right because he currently has over 40 million views (!). Check it out:

Nigahiga is a YouTuber classic, so I just have to include him. I think this one is quite funny:

This video impresses me so much! Imagine how much work went into this video:

Hope you all have a great weekend!

– Sandra

Let’s Have a Laugh: Almost Friday!


It is Thursday, which means it is almost the weekend. And what better way to start the weekend than to watch a few funny videos?

First up: Apparently Kid! Is it possible to not love him?

And we have the kid that goes full diva on live TV:

It is impossible not to include this cute wimpy goat…

I do not want to take up too much of your time, so I will leave you with those three videos. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

– Sandra

Let’s have a laugh: Commercials


It is time for another post in the ‘Let’s have a laugh’ category. I feel like I have not written a post in this category for ages, but I realized that it is not actually that long since the last post. Nonetheless: I will share a few funny commercials with you this Thursday!

The first two commercials I would like to show you guys today are very funny and  made for Tine, which is a Norwegian company who produces diary products. These commercials in particular is made for milk. I will just show them to you before I say anything else:

In the end it says ‘Milk strengthens the body’ and ‘Because milk is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals’. (I feel like that was a horrible translation, but at least you get the point).

This next commercial is not that funny, but it is so cute that I just have to show it to you!

This commercial just amazes me, just take a look:

This commercial is just so American. It was showed during the Superbowl this year, so that might be why. Take a look, and you will understand what I mean:

This kid really knows the tricks to get what he wants!

That is all you will get from me this time. Hope at least one of the commercials made you laugh, if not: sorry that I wasted your time.

– Sandra

Let’s have a laugh: YLVIS


Yesterday Silje, Kristin, Chelsea and I had a study date, and at one point we decided that we had to introduce Chelsea to our favorite Norwegian comedians. Most of you have probably heard about them before, seeing as one of their videos went viral one year ago. I am of course talking about The Fox.

I do not think many realize that they are really good comedians. One of the things I miss about Norway is to watch their talkshow ‘I kveld med YLVIS’ (which means tonight with YLVIS), but I try to keep updated on their show on TVNorge’s YouTube channel. Anyways; I am gonna share a few of my favorite skits and songs with you guys now!

My favorite, the electric car with a new horn:

My second favorite, The Intelevator:

Their IKEA prank:

Voice controlled ATM:

Cutting a hedge:

These are just some of my favorites, hope you enjoy and we will speak soon!

– Sandra