My Five Favourite Films


As I have said many times before; lists are my thing. So today I thought I could share my five favourite films with you. I will not tell you about the plot of any of these films, but I will insert the trailer so watch that if any of these makes you curious! These are in random order, since I could not decide which one I like the most.

1. Inception
This is a film that really fascinates, and confuses, me. The plot is literally going to mess with your head. It is one of those films that stick with you after you have watched it. I do not want to spoil the film, so I will show you the trailer instead of talking to much about it.

2. Interstellar
One thing that scares me when thinking to hard and to much of it is space. It is so massive and we are such a small part of it. This film definitely gets you thinking about that. Christopher Nolan was the director of this film (he also directed Inception), and he has a tendency to make intense films like this. I have not watched this since it was in theaters in the fall of 2014, so I will definitely watch this again very soon!

3. Spotlight
Spotlight is my newest addition to the list, I saw it in the theaters a couple of weeks ago. What fascinates me most about this film is that it is based on a real story. And that story freaks me out a bit. This might just be me being a little ignorant, but I did not know the issue was as big as it is. And to see this on screen is a wake-up call. This is one you all should see if you have not gotten around to it yet.

4. The Day After Tomorrow
This is the kind of movie you never forget watching. I have only watched it a couple of times many years ago, but I still remember the movie and the impression it made on me. Even though I have not watched this many times, it is still one of my favourite films. It is, yet again, one of those that gets you thinking about the world we live in.

5. The Harry Potter films
This is more of a nostalgic or sentimental choice. I grew up watching these films, and it had to be mentioned. I am a sucker for all of the Harry Potter films. I have watched them all multiple times, and I never seem to get sick of them. I think it is because of the feelings and memories that are attached to these films. If you have 17 minutes and 47 seconds to spare, here is the trailer:

Writing this made me realize one thing, and that is that I need to start watching more movies again as soon as possible!

Love, Sandra


My Christmas


I woke up early this Saturday morning, so I thought I could start my day with writing a post about my Christmas. I was home three and a half weeks, which I thought was going to give me plenty of time for working, spending time with my family and seeing my friends again. I do not know why, but every time I go home I am surprised about how fast the time goes by. It literally felt like I was home for a week, and I wish I had time to do a lot more than what I actually ended up doing. Nevertheless, it was good to be home and have a Christmas filled with snow and a cold winter! London can be cold in its own way (with the horribly cold wind) but nothing beets the good old minus 20 degrees and a meter with snow on the ground ❤

I do suck at taking pictures, I always seem to forget it unfortunately… But at least I have some!

(click on the pictures to see a bigger size of the images and the full caption)

I think I can learn one of two things from this:
1. I do not take pictures unless I am drinking or going out
2. I drink too much

I think we will leave it at that, and not conclude with anything. I do fear the answer would have been the latter…

Love, Sandra



I can now officially say that I am very tired of travelling between London and Lillehammer. Luckily for me, this is the last time I do it for almost four months.

I am now on the train, and I have about 50 minutes left before I am home. This has been a sad and stressful day, I wish traveling was more fun! It started out with saying goodbye to Stine and Kristina around 11am, which was sad. It feels so weird that I am not going to see them almost every day anymore…

I am quite certain that none of you are interested in hearing about my entire day of traveling, so I will spare you all. Let’s just say that my plane ended up taking off 50 minutes later than scheduled, and I had to run like crazy with a 14 kg bag on my back and a 22 kg heavy suitcase to try to get on my train. I made it, which meant that I did not have to wait at the airport for another hour. That made my day a 1000 times better 😀

This post is not completely pointless, I do have some pictures to show you! I had a seat by the window, and the view was quite good today.

Now that I have written this post it is only 20 minutes left before I arrive in Lillehammer, Finally!

– Sandra

My Easter


I got back to London late last night, and I am so tired! Let me tell you: it is hard work going home for the holidays. I think I was home for a maximum of five minutes at the time except for when I was sleeping. My entire holiday was spent with quite a few hours at work, I got to see my friends and family again, I got two days at our cabin in Kvitfjell, and the last weekend in my holiday I went to Oslo to visit a friend of mine. I think I can conclude with it being a very nice holiday, even though I am super tired now. But I can sleep when I am dead, as they say haha… After this blog post is published it is time for me to continue on the mountain of school work I have to do. But before I start with that, I thought I could show you the few pictures I took when I was home.

Hope you all had a lovely easter!

– Sandra

My Journey in Pictures


I am now going to show you a journey I have travelled a lot since I moved to London, and that is my journey from Colindale to Lillehammer.

I start of my journey by taking the tube down to Leicester Square to change for the Piccadilly Line. My tube journey this Saturday was not that enjoyable, as soon as I changed lines the tube was packed with people. It does not really look like it in the picture below, but when I tried to take a new one to show how full the tube really was the flash went off. I did not try to take another picture after that to put it that way…

After that I got off the tube at the stop for Terminals 1,2 and 3. And the escalator was not less full than the tube to put it that way.

After that I had to walk and walk and walk some more to get to terminal two.

After walking for a bit (honestly, the walk from the tube to terminal two is not that long) I saw the outside of the beloved terminal two ❤

After checking in my suitcase and going through the security, I was finally inside the terminal. All that was left was to wait.

And to eat of course…

After a delay it was time for boarding at last! My flight was supposed to leave at 17:30, but it did not leave anytime near that to put it that way.

The flight ended up taking off over an hour after it was supposed to, which was very annoying since the cabin crew did not say anything about why the flight was delayed. This is especially fun for me since I did not sit my the emergency exit, and my legs did not have a lot of extra space to put it that way…

But in the end, after fighting my way through the crowds at the baggage belt, I was outside the airport where my mom’s boyfriend waited for me.

That was my journey from beginning to end. Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures, since there was a lot of people at the tube and airport I could not really stop to take pictures so I had to take them while I was walking. Hope you all have a lovely easter! I am going to enjoy mine in this beautiful city.

– Sandra

Recap of 2014


Today I am going to share a recap of 2014 with you. I have found between one and three pictures for every month last year, so I thought it could be fun to share it with you. So let’s just get on with it!

I started school again after the Christmas holidays, and nothing special was going on. The only word to describe this month for me is; snow. This is how I found my car several times when I was going to leave for school or work:

My car buried in snow
My car buried in snow

The month of the olympics! As the huge winter sport enthusiast I am, this was something I was looking forward to a lot, and my only highlight of the month (I realize now that that sounds a bit tragic… oh well)

My mom was a dancer during the opening ceremony in 1994 when the Olympics was in Lillehammer, and I had to try her suit on
Me in my mom’s costume from the opening ceremony for the Olympics in 1994. As you probably can tell; I am just a bit excited…

I realize now that the first three months of 2014 was quite boring for me… I did not do that much, or maybe I just did not really take any pictures. Either way, it is about to pick up a bit! For this month I found a picture of me and my friends in costumes. It is from the day at school where all the people who were “russ” (for explanation for what russ is click here) had to dress up as something that started with the same letter as your first name. I suck at explaining, but just take a look:

These costumes only makes sense in Norwegian, so I am not going to try to explain them
These costumes only makes sense in Norwegian, but I was a cyclist (that words starts with a S in Norwegian), Susann was a type of nerd (there is a different Norwegian word for that as well), Eirin was an angel (that word starts with an E in Norwegian) and I do not know what Synne’s was a type of poor person (it is not as mean as it might sound, I swear!)

This is when the russ time started for real, in the beginning of the month we premiered our very own revue, and later in the month it was time to finally begin with our russ time. We had our very own baptism (with shots instead of water of course) and after this we could finally start wearing our pants or pullovers!

May was all about the russ time. It ended on the 17th of May (Norway’s constitution day), and we were all very tired at that point. After the russ time was over, it was straight on to exams and actually finishing those 13 years of school.

The first half of June was spent doing exams and finishing school. The second half was spent starting to work more again (I did not have that many shifts through my exam period).

I went to France on a week long holiday with a friend and our dads, and me and my mom went on a weekend trip to Tønsberg. Other than that work was all I did, and being with friends of course.

This month was again filled with work, and fixing the last things that needed to be fixed before I moved to England. I also went to visit Marita in Trondheim!

The highlight of this month should not be a surprise; moving to London!

London calling!

This month was all about getting to know the city, I also attended a boat party which was very fun!

My dad came to visit me in the beginning of the month, it was my birthday and I went home for a short trip. Other than that I also started to get a lot more to do at school, so I spent time on that as well.

The last month of the year! I went to the BBC Music Awards, I went to Winter Wonderland quite a few times, Susann came to visit me from Norway, and it was almost Christmas. Quite an exiting month in other words! And I went home for the holidays as well of course.

Hope I did not bore you with too many pictures and too much text, but I thought it would be best to do it all in one post. Hope you all have had a lovely start to the new year so far 🙂

– Sandra

A Weekend in Kvitfjell


We have a cabin in Kvitfjell, which is a mountain in Norway not too far away from where we live. We go here to ski, both downhill and cross-country skiing, and I spent last weekend here with my dad, his girlfriend and her daughter. It was lovely to get a break from the “busy” city (Lillehammer is not that big, so it is limited how busy it can get, but still…). This is where Kvitfjell is on the map:

I did not take that many pictures but I thought I could share the ones I took at an after ski place:

The pictures are really bad, but it was hard to take pictures since the place was so packed. But the owner has basically put up tons of stuff on the wall; everything from old skis to old starting numbers from the World Cup. Every year the World Cup in downhill skiing has one weekend here, it is usually in the beginning of March. It is so much fun! If you ever have the chance (and have an interest in skiing at all), you should definitely try to go!

This is a picture of the bird house we have outside our cabin, look at all the birds!
This is a picture of the bird house we have outside our cabin, look at all the birds!

If you want to find out more about Kvitfjell, go to their website. If you press the flag in the top right corner you can switch so that the site is in English instead of Norwegian.

– Sandra