Pt. 2


My last post ended with a promise of continuing it, so here it is.

After walking over Tower Bridge we discovered what I now think is one of my favourite areas in London.

It amazes me how it can be so quiet and peaceful in the middle of such a big city. It felt like we were by the sea, and it was lovely. (I thought I took pictures of the dock itself, but I cannot find any… Sorry about that!)

We continued walking to the nearest tubestop where we took the tube to Little Venice (tubestop: Warwick Avenue). Our plan was to walk a part of the Jubilee Greeenway.

We ended up cutting the route short. Stine has never been to Primrose Hill, so we ended the route there instead. I have taken so many pictures in Primrose Hill before, so I did not take any this time. I just enjoyed the view.

– Sandra


My Saturday


Today Stine and I decided to do go somewhere we have not yet been in London. We do not have much time left here, so we figured this could be a nice way to spend my last weekend here. We stared with taking the tube to London Bridge to go to Borough Market. Stine and I have both been dying to go to this market for ages, so it was about time we visited this place.

Borough market did not disappoint. It was filled with good food. We tasted a delicious mushroom patĂš, and the brownies we tasted must have been one of the best I have tasted ever! And do not get me started on the White Sangria… My moth is starting to water just writing about it! After a few hours with wandering around in the market we decided to walk towards Tower Bridge, and walk over it.

We continued our walk on the other side of Tower Bridge,  but I will show the rest of the pictures tomorrow. Now I desperately need to wash clothes. That is how exciting my life is on a weekend haha

– Sandra

My Obsessions


I have managed to get an unhealthy obsessions recently, and this is a series obsession. This could not be worse timed since I need to concentrate on the last week of essay writing. But I am trying to save my obsessions for when I am done writing for the day. Anyway, I am currently loving three series which I want to share with you.

Once Upon a Time
I have started watching this once before, but I found it quite boring. Now, I do not understand why because I love it! It is basically about characters from fairytales (like Cinderella, Snow White and so on) who are trapped in the real world because of the Evil Queen. They are all trapped in a town called Storybrooke without knowing it themselves. And it is up to Emma, the child of Snow White and Prince Charming, to save them all. One of the many problems they face is that Emma does not believe in the curse, and there are very few in Storrybrooke that know about the curse themselves who can convince her. I do not want to reveal too much, so I will stop there… I love how there is a mixture of several stories, and how you understand more and more for every episode you watch. I hate watching those shows where you do not find out anything until the final season… So much has happened in the show already, and I have only watched one season! I highly recommend this show to everyone.

One of the posters for Once Upon a Time
One of the posters for Once Upon a Time

Grey’s Anatomy
I have watched this series for years and years, but I am loving this season! There are a lot of awful things happening, but nonetheless this season has to be one of the best of the ones I have watched. If you do not know what Grey’s Anatomy is, it is a show about doctors who work at a hospital. We follow some of those doctors around both in the hospital and outside it. I think you will find a better explanation if you search for trailers of the show, or something similar. I am really bad at explaining, sorry!

The cast of Grey's Anatomy
The cast of Grey’s Anatomy

Paradise (Norwegian edition)

This is more of a guilty pleasure… It is a trashy reality-show. I do not know why I feel the need to see every single episode, because it is not much to see. It is about ten people who are on a hotel in Mexico, and every week another contestant joins them. So they are always one person too many, because they all need to have a partner (of the opposite sex). The goal is to get to the last week, where one couple will win. I will not bore you with all the details, but it is a good show to make you relax and laugh. They also have a Swedish and Danish version of this, but I do not know if there are more countries that have this program.

The contestants on Paradise this year
The contestants on Paradise this year

Today is Stine’s birthday, so I have to go now because we are making a proper birthday breakfast!

– Sandra

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Let’s have a laugh: YLVIS songs


I listen to music when I work at the library. I am one of those people who prefer the noise from music over the noise from people. And today I put on a new playlist (it’s called ‘Norsk pop’ on Spotify if you are interested). All of the sudden a song by YLVIS came on. I know I have posted about them before, but this time I want to share their music. You have probably heard about The Fox, but they have a whole bunch of songs I find very funny. Let’s have a look at them:

We have ‘Intolerant’. It is not as well known as a lot of their other songs, but I think this one is pretty funny. At least when it comes on randomly, and you think it is a normal song before you realize what you are listening to.

I can not write a post on their songs without mentioning this one. It currently has over 23 MILLION views!

This one is so stereotypical to Norwegian. Norwegians and their cabins…

This is a song about Jan Egeland:

I actually quite like this one:

I need to get back to my uni work now… The essay’s are unfortunately not going to write themselves. Hope you all have a great weekend!

– Sandra

Annoying Things in Life


There are certain stuff in life that are really annoying, and today I have made a list of the worst annoying things that happens in life. (The list is in random order)

1. How little crisps they put in a bag of crisps
This pictures explains it all…

Less than half the bag is actually filled with crisps, the rest is air...
Less than half the bag is actually filled with crisps, the rest is air…

2. Slow internet
After a long day of doing stuff, I just want to come home and watch a film and relax. But it is not very relaxing when the film you are watching stops every five minutes because the internet connection is so bad… Welcome to life in halls!

3. Slow walkers
You know when you are walking fast, and then all of the sudden there is a slow walker right in front of you and now matter what you do you. can. not. get. past. that. person. I hate that.

4. When your eyeliner is perfect on one eye, and looks horrendous on the other
Sometimes I want to do my make-up nicely, with eyeliner and everything. But eyeliner is like the freaking lottery. You never know if it is going to turn out good or not. Regular liner is fine, but as soon as I try doing a winged liner I wish I never started…It (almost) always end up looking either weird or ugly.

5. The self checkout area at Tesco
“Can not detect milk on weight”
This is how most of my trips to Tesco goes (unless I actually remember how much I hate the self checkout and go to the nice people and get them to scan my groceries instead)

6. People who get into the tube before people get the chance to get off
It is not rocket science. People needs to get off the tube before you go onto it. We are not going to leave the station quicker when you are being a douche and pushing trough the crowd to get in before anyone else has gotten the chance to even move.

7. Now matter how many socks you buy, you always end up with one single-sock
I bought black socks and white socks when I moved here, and ever since I have had one single-sock of each of the colours. How does that happen???

8. The brown coins
You can not use them for anything (except for when you want to create a massive queue at the self checkout tills). My question is; why do they exist?

9. Loud people at the library
Yes, I know that this is the group study area, but you do not need to SHOUT. Your friend is right next to you, use a normal voice or whisper.

10. Not falling asleep
I hate when you go to bed and you think you are super tired, but the moment your head hits the pillow you are wide awake. And then you end up laying there looking at the ceiling for three or four hours.

11. Bad cell reception 
The reception in London is okay, but when you try to use cellular data in central or inside a mall… forget it. It will not work. When I was in Primrose Hill last Wednesday I spent ONE hour to try to see the Snapchats I had gotten. ONE HOUR. (I did not constantly refresh for one hour, but I kept checking every five minutes or so) I think that might be because of the company I use, but I do not have much to choose from since I still do not have a British bank account. It is a though life, I know.

12. People who do not clean up after themselves at the gym
Why do you just leave all the weights you have used all over the floor? When you have managed to lift that 45 kilo weight 30 times already, you should manage to lift it one more time over to the area where they are supposed to lay.

13. When you think you have chocolate home, but you do not have any
Do I need to explain this? It is just so sad and annoying to look forward to that chocolate all day, and then come home to nothing </3

I would like to thank Silje, Kristina and Stine for helping me out with some of the annoying things mentioned in this post (their blogs are pretty cool, check them out)

– Sandra